2017 NAWIC Construction Career Camp

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2017 NAWIC Construction Career Camp

National Association of Women in Construction “NAWIC” is one of the largest Women’s organizations in America. NAWIC has events throughout the year that give back to the community; one of their many events is Construction Career Camp.

Construction Career Camp  provides a supportive and nurturing environment for high school girls to explore and develop basic skills in the areas of carpentry, electrical and HVAC/plumbing…..and it is absolutely free! The camp offers high school girls a gender-neutral environment to learn and practice new skills without fear of being teased or isolated. It helps them to develop greater self-confidence, self-esteem, and a great “we can do it” mindset. Over the week long camp, the girls are engaged in and successfully complete several different projects, learn about safety procedures, and get tips on how to become successful when starting their careers.

The camp is always the second week in June. This year it was held at West Side Technical School in Winter Garden.

Here are some pictures of their drywall and toolbox making day. They started the day learning the do’s and don’ts of interviewing, then headed to the shop to make tool boxes and learn how to hang and repair drywall.


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