Construction Projects in Florida are in Jeopardy

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Construction Projects in Florida are in Jeopardy

Congress will be voting on a 100 billion dollar transportation bill in July.  As their approval indicates, this congress can rarely get anything done.  Unfortunately, a stalemate in Washington could bring construction in Florida grinding to a halt.  Included in that transportation bill are Federal projects like the construction on the I-4 corridor connecting Tampa to Orlando.  These projects will be in jeopardy if congress doesn’t act by July.

Florida has already lost half of its construction jobs since 2007.  This lack of action on the part of our congressional leadership would be another crippling blow.  It is estimated that thousands of Florida construction jobs would be lost if congress doesn’t act quickly.  The Associated General Contractors of America is calling for quick action.  We recommend you contact your Representative and Senator and urge them not to do more damage to the nation’s employment situation.

A stalemate is unacceptable.  This isn’t a game.  Real jobs are at stake.  We need leaders who can get something done.

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