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POPS Bowling Battle

10.13.16 POPS Bowling Battle

Sarah, Jenna, Cheryl, Sonja and Kim represented the FSB Team at this year’s POPS Bowling Battle!

Florida Surety Bonds was proud to be a sponsor at the 2nd Annual POPS Bowling Battle in support of the Professional Opportunities Program for Students. The POPS charity mentors locals high school kids who lack good parental support, and helps them develop good life skills and careers. POPS provides year round services for high school students in Central Florida.  They use a three-prong approach including Character Building, College and Career Explanation, and Community & Civic Responsibility. The goals of the POPS program are to motivate diverse at-risk students to complete their high school education and prepare them for future success. They try to reduce some of the at-risk factors through mentoring, character education, money management, and workforce development training.

The POPS program has produced the following program successes:
– 100% POPS Seniors Graduated from High School
– 100% POPS Students were Promoted to the Next Grade Level
– 98% POPS Seniors were Accepted into College or Secondary Learning Institutions
– 96% POPS Students Successfully Completed Summer Internships”


To learn more about this charity, please check out their website: www.popsinc.org.


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