So, You Want to Run with the Big Dogs?

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So, You Want to Run with the Big Dogs?

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You think it’s time to take your company to the next level?  The competition is a little fierce in your arena, so maybe you are looking at yard where the big dogs play.  How will you make that step?  What are your pitfalls?  We represent over 600 contractors in Florida.  We’ve helped many of them grow their business. From this, we’ve learned a lot.  We’ve learned that you have more to consider than just qualifying for a bigger bond.  Certainly, we can help you do that, but there are a lot of issues you’ll need to consider.  This change can affect your staffing, your marketing, your equipment needs, and your quality of life.  There’s a lot to weigh.  Going into the yard with the large dogs has its risks, and doing nothing new has its risks, too. 

For example, if you want to move into the negotiated or design-build world from the public domain, you’ll be up against the bigger contractors with their large marketing programs, office staff, and political clout.  Can you do it?   As you know, many contractors have made the transition from small to medium, or medium to large companies.  How did they do it?  We are business people who happen to sell bonds. We treat our customers as friends.  Even in this tough market, we continue to be able to do some great things for our customers.  Ready to run?  If you think deep down you are ready to be treated like one of the big dogs, give us a call.  


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