Habitat for Humanity – Women’s Build Day

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Habitat for Humanity – Women’s Build Day

NAWIC Womens Build Day

This past Saturday, Sarah Drinnan and Lisa Roseland represented Florida Surety Bonds and participated in the NAWIC Women’s Build Day for Habitat for Humanity. It was no doubt, a very humbling experience to be a part of. Saturday was the kickoff for the build and they were in charge of helping with the framework. They started in the morning with just a concrete slab and by the end of the day they had all the walls up and all the trusses up on the roof.  This group of women put their construction background to use and did all the heavy lifting, nailing, bolting, hammering, screwing and drilling!

The home they helped build was for Rhonza Howard,  a United States Veteran and single mother of four.  Rhonza Howard embodies hard work and dedication. Growing up Rhonza was surrounded by family members who had served our country and she was motivated to follow in their footsteps. She went on to serve in the Navy for three years and joined the Navy Reserves for two years. During this time, she found strength and hope. Rhonza currently shares a two-bedroom townhouse with her three youngest sons, where she sleeps on the couch. Her oldest son Saivon, suffered from brain cancer a few years ago and suffers from frequent seizures. While undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, Rhonza was there for son every step of the way. For more than ten years she has been employed with Florida Hospital, climbing up the ranks from a data management specialist, going back to school for nursing, and now on track to become a registered nurse at Florida Hospital South. She couldn’t be prouder that Saivon is employed as a chef at the hospital as well. Rhonza has overcome many obstacles and always pushed forward for her children. From finding out about her son’s cancerous brain tumor to being left with no means of transportation, she has been the pillar of strength for her children. Rhonza can’t wait for her family to experience the joys that come with home-ownership.

Florida Surety Bonds was proud to sponsor Sarah and Lisa on this opportunity to help build a house for a very deserving women and Veteran.

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